Safe Support Chat

A secure and private chat service

Woman sitting at a table looking at her cell phone
Photo by Kev Costello on Unsplash

Messaging Platform

Safe Support Chat is a chat app that crisis centres use to respond to online real-time support requests.

The messaging platform is built using the Matrix protocol for secure, decentalized, instant messaging. The main messaging platform is a custom implementation of the Riot chat app. It is a fully featured chat app that can be white-labelled for the host organization.

Screenshot of the messaging platform for facilitators

Embeddable Chatbox

The embeddable chatbox is what support seekers use to access the crisis centre's services via chat from the centre's website.

The chatbox is anonymous, private, and secure. It uses end-to-end encryption when available and does not collect or save any data about the support seeker or the conversation.

Screenshot of the embedded chatbox with a short text conversation in the chat window

A bookmarklet is a special link that you can bookmark which will then add the chatbox to any website when clicked. To use it, make sure your bookmarks bar is visible, then drag the link below to your bookmarks bar. Then go to a new page and click on the bookmark. You should see the chatbox appear on the page.


Starter Guide & User Manual

We have developed a Starter Guide presentation for crisis centre staff and volunteers using the Safe Support Chat.

For reference, the information in the Starter Guide comes from the user manual, which is accessible on this website. The table of contents is below: