Getting Started

Setup checklist

  • Get the link for the messaging platform and bookmark it on your browser
  • Get your login information from your chat coordinator or create an account
  • Set your display name to whatever you want support seekers to see
  • Turn on desktop notifications and audible notifications
  • Make sure you're in the Support Chat Notifications chatroom (which could also be called Facilitators )
  • Try sending yourself a chat request from your centre's website
  • Say hi to the help bot

Accessing the Safe Support messaging platform

Your centre's chat coordinator will provide you with the link for you to log in to the messaging platform.

Logging in to your account

Login page

You need a username and password to log into the messaging platform. Talk to your program administrator to find out if you should create your own account or use existing credentials.

Creating an account

To create an account, go to the login screen and click on "Create account".

Account creation page

Choose a unique username. It is the default name that will appear in chats, but you can change your diplay name once you're logged in. Set a secure password. You do not need to provide an email, but if you don't then you will not be able to reset your password and you won't be able to recover your account if you forget your password.

Once you have an account, send your username to your program administrator so they can add you the Facilitators community and Support Chat Notifications chatroom.

Setting your display name

To change your display name, click on your username at the top left and then click "Settings". On the settings page, at the top of the General tab there is a field to change your Display Name. This is the name that will appear in conversations, ie. "Sharon has joined the chat".

Display name field in account settings

Turn on desktop notifications

You should enable desktop notifications so that you get notified of new support requests even if you are inactive on the messaging platform, i.e. if you minimize the window. You can enable this option in the Notifications tab of your account settings page, or you can enable them in the alert that comes up at the top of the screen when you first log in.

You may also want to enable audible notifications to make sure you don't miss any chat requests.

Desktop notifications in account settings.

Support Chat Notifications Chatroom

In order to receive support requests, you need to be part of the Support Chat Notifications chatroom. The chatroom may also be called Facilitators. If you're not already a member, ask your chat coordinator to add you. This chatroom is where you can communicate with the other facilitators who are online. It is also where you can see notifications about incoming chat requests and which facilitator has responded to each request.

⚠️ Do not leave this chatroom. You have to be in the Support Chat Notifications chatroom in order to receive chat request invitations.

Help Bot

There is a very helpful chatbot living on your messaging platform! It receives support requests from your centre's website and sends the chat invitations to the facilitators, such as yourself. Do not remove the bot from any of your chatrooms.

Bot commands start with !bot and then then the command. Right now the only command the bot responds to is !bot transcript which will send you a transcript of the chat if your centre has this option configured. If you want to be polite, you can also say !bot transcript please.

Accessing the messaging platform on mobile

⚠️ Use at your own risk ⚠️

The Safe Support messaging platform is a modified version of the Riot messaging application. It is meant to be used on the desktop web version, so on your computer or laptop, at the URL that your program administrator gave you. However, you if you are unable to use a laptop or computer, you can access the chat service from the Riot mobile app. The mobile app does not have the customizations that the web version does, so there may be some inconsistencies.

If you need to use messaging platform on your phone, you can download the Riot app on your phone. There is an extra step to logging in through the Riot app:

Mobile app login screen

When you get to the login screen, check the box for Use custom server options (advanced) and enter the URL for your centre's Matrix server. You can get this from you program administrator.

Important "gotchas" for the mobile app:

  • You will not receive notifications when you are not "online" on the app. That means you need to keep the app open on your phone and check it periodically.
  • Make sure you have notifications enabled in the settings, both for your account and for the session.

    Enable notifications in the settings.

  • Check your phone settings and make sure that Riot has notifications on