Platform Customization (for Admin)

In order for us to set up your chat service, there is some information we need from you. This is so we can customize your messaging platform and the chatbox your clients see. There are some defaults in place, in case you want to leave them as is.

Here are the fields you can customize:

Item Description Default
Link to Terms of Use (required) A link to your Terms of Use of the service (i.e. Web page, Google Doc, hosted PDF)
Login background Background image that appears on the login screen Landscape
Logo Your organization's logo that will appear on the login screen Riot logo
Title The title that appears in the browser tab Safe Support Chat
Footer links The links that appear at the bottom of the login screen User manual, organization website
Intro message The first message that appears when a support seeker opens the chatbox "This chat application does not collect any of your personal data or any data from your use of this service."
Agreement message Asking for agreement to the Terms of Use. The answer buttons are "Yes" and "No" "Do you want to continue?"
Confirmation message The message that appears if the support seeker agrees to the Terms of Use "Waiting for a facilitator to join the chat..."
Rejection message The message that appears if the support seekers rejects the Terms of Use "The chat is closed. You may close this window."
Chat unavailable message The message that appears if an error occurs in the chat system "The chat service is not available right now. Please try again later."
Chat offline message The message that appears if no facilitators are online "All of the chat facilitators are currently offline."
Wait message Until a facilitator joins the chat, this message will be shown every 2 minutes "Please be patient, our online facilitators are currently responding to other support requests."
Support seeker name Support seekers are anonymous, so this is the display name that appears in the chat Anonymous
Help bot name The display name for the bot account that helps with coordinating the support requests and recording transcripts. Help Bot
Capture transcripts? If transcripts are enabled, the bot account will record and send the transcript for each chat conversation No
Position Customize the position of the chatbox on your website. Options: top left, top right, bottom left, or bottom right bottom right
Size The size of the chat button. The large version has the text "Start a new chat" whereas the small version only has "Chat". Options: large or small large