Using the Support Chat

Support Requests

Once you're logged in, you will see support requests coming in as chat invitations. It looks like this:

Chat invitation

To accept a support request, click on the invitation and then click Accept.

Accept invitation screen

The chat invitation will go out to all of the facilitators who are currently online. Once one facilitator accepts the chat invitation, the other invitations will be revoked. So if you ever get an invitation notification but then when you open the app it disappears, it's because another facilitator beat you to it.

All of the support requests and accepted invitations are also recorded in the Support Chat Notifications chatroom, so you can see who is responding to each request. If you don't want to receive the notifications in this room, you can do that by clicking on the menu icon for the chatroom and setting notifications to Mute.

Mute messages

Chat Features


End to end encryption means that all of the messages sent in your chat conversation are encrypted (scrambled) before they are sent over the internet, then decrypted (unscrambled) when they reach the other end. So if there is anyone spying on your internet traffic, they won't be able to see what the messages are. Here's the wikipedia page if you want more information.

Warning message on encrypted messages

When you start a new chat, the first time you send a message a warning will pop up that says "Please confirm that you want to send messages to an unknown recipient". This comes up because you are starting an encrypted chat with an unknown device. Click "Continue" to send your message and continue the conversation.


There's a keyboard shortcut for accessing the emoji menu; type a colon : to open it. If you know the name of the emoji you want to use, you can just type it in with a colon before and after, like :happy:.

Emoji menu

The alternative is to use your computer's emoji menu, which you can access in one of the following ways:

  • On Mac: control + command + space
  • On Windows: Windows + ; or Windows + . to open the touch keyboard, then click the emoji icon
  • On Chrome: Right click and select 'Emoji & Symbols' from the context menu

Rename the chatroom

Rename chatroom

Since the support seekers are anonymous, the help bot uses the time and date to name the chatroom when it's created. However you can rename the room to whatever you like to help you organize your conversations. To do that, click on the gear icon in the top right menu to open the room settings. There, you can save a new name for the room. Only you see the room name, not the support seeker.

Transfer the chat

If you need to transfer the chat to another facilitator, you can do that by inviting them to join the chatroom. Click on the person icon in the top right menu and then click on the "Invite to this room" button. Type in the name or username of the facilitator who you want to invite. They will need to accept the invitation from their account in order to join the room. Once they have joined, you should let the support seeker know you're transferring the chat, as they will not see any notifications about the new facilitator joining the room.

Ending the chat

You will get a status update in the chat room when the support seeker has left the chat. You can also leave the chatroom, by clicking on the menu icon for to the chatroom and then clicking "Leave".

Leave room

After you leave the room, it will still appear in your "Historical" section, under the "Rooms" section. To delete the chat history, click on the menu icon for the room and click "Forget".

Forget room

Get the transcript

To get the transcript for a chat session, you can enter the command !bot transcript or !bot transcript please in the chatroom. The bot will then generate a text file with the chat transcript that you can download and save however you want. Only you see link to download the transcript file, not the support seeker. Bot command to download transcript

Once you leave the chatroom or log out of the platform, you won't have access to the transcript anymore so make sure you get it right when the chat is over.